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Bosnia And Herzegovina postal Code

Bosnia and Herzegovina is commonly known as the Bosnia is a country located on the crossroads of south and southeast Europe, located in the Balkans. It is bordered by the Croatia on the north and southwest, Serbia on east, and Montenegro on the southeast. Sarajevo is the capital and largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The other major urban areas include Banja Luka, Tuzla, Zenica, Bijelijina, Mostar, Prijedor, Doboj, Gorazde, Gracanica, Gradacac, Gradiska, Istocno Sarajevo, Konjic, Laktasi, Livno, Lukavac, Ljubuskki, Orasje, Prijedor, Srebrenik, Stolac, Visoko, Zvornik, etc.

The official languages of the country in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian. The people also write and speak in Latin, Cyrillic, etc. Bosnia and Herzegovina is well known for its unique way of celebrating its festivals like International Sarajevo Winter Festival, Banja Luka Choir Gathering, Kid’s Festival, Bascarsija Nights, Summer on the Vrabas, Sarajevo Film Festival, Banja Luka Summer Games, Jazzfest Sarajevo, etc. Many foreigners or travelers also take part in the celebration and enjoy it.

Bosnia and Herzegovina postal code was founded on 1 January 1971 when it was a part of Yugoslavian. The territory is divided into 10 cantons and further sub-divided into 143 municipalities. At first, there was so much controversy over the places which were registered under the postal code office, but then slowly every region in Bosnia and Herzegovina got its own postal codes. The pin code is segregated in such a way that each of the postal codes.

Land Area

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been ranked as the 125th largest nation in the world and it has a total land area of 51,129 km2, which comes to around a total of 19,741 mi2. Bosnia and Herzegovina was divided into 10 Cantons and 143 Municipalities. Further, it was divided into cities and villages.

Water Area

Bosnia and Herzegovina has a total water area of 1.4 %. The major sources of water include groundwater, lakes, rainwater, rivers, snow, soil moisture springs, streams, water, waterfall, wetlands, etc. Bosnia and Herzegovina has more than 100 lakes. Many lakes are small in area and contain a minimum volume of water. Most of these lakes are freshwater and very few are salt lakes.


Bosnia and Herzegovina contains more than 10,965 named mountains, the highest and most prominent of which is Maglic which is about 2,386 meters (7,828 feet). The other major mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Volujak (7,664 ft), Veliki Ostrikovac (7,526 ft), Previja (7,526 ft), Rudinski Kom (7,457 ft), Prsti (7,450 ft), Badnjine (7,358 ft), Plocno (7,309 ft), etc.

Postal Stamps

postal stampspostal stampspostal stampspostal stamps

List of postal and courier services in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Express Courier d.o.o. - ASC for UPS
  • Express One d.o.o
  • DHL Service Point
  • In Time - TNT Express d.o.o.
  • MHS d.o.o.
  • Hrvatska Pošta d.o.o Mostar
  • Express One d.o.o. - Tuzla
  • CityEX
  • MBE Mail Boxes Etc. Sarajevo
  • Kurir Servis d.o.o
  • Express Courier

postal Code details for Major States in Bosnia And Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina PostalCode
Postcode type and position 5 digits to the left of the locality name.

Nedim Marevac
ul. Skenderija 60
Coding method XX -- (First two digit) ---> indicate the postal region.
XXX-- (Last three digit) --->indicate the post office or delivery office.
Address format Each administrative division maintains its postal code for mail delivery purposes. Having the correct code is essential to your mail delivery. The official name of the Bosnia and Herzegovina postal service is BH Pošta.
Bosnia and Herzegovina introduced a new postal code in 2001. There are 10 postal regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The total number of post offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina is more than 386 and 705 postal codes.
Bosnia and Herzegovina uses a five-digit numeric zip code system uses which the first digit, and the last two digits have different indications which are shown below;
Examples Nedim Marevac (addressee)
ul. Skenderija 60 (street name, house number, apartment number)
71000 SARAJEVO (postcode , localityname)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) s

  • Name the official postal service in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
    The official postal service in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the BH Pošta.
  • How many postal codes are in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
    Bosnia and Herzegovina has more than 705 postal codes.
  • What is the postal code of the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina?
    Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its postal code is 71000.
  • What is the three-letter country code of Bosnia and Herzegovina?
    The country code of Bosnia and Herzegovina is BIH.
  • How many postal provincial divisions are in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
    Bosnia and Herzegovina has 10 major postal canton divisions and separate pin codes are allotted to all post offices in the nation.