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Singapore postal Code

Singapore is a tropical area country which is situated in the continent of South – East Asia and it is vastly famous for its name of The Lion city, or The Garden city, and Singapore is one of the safest nations in the world which is known after the census that is taken in the year 2011.

The postal codes in Singapore was introduced on the year 1950, and those pin code digits were allocated to each places in the following months as the Singapore nation consists of 28 potential districts those pin codes were segregated to those places according the alphabetical order. During the period between the year 1979 – 1995 Singapore nation used the 4 digit pin code system, and in the year 1995 the four digit pin code system was replaced by the 6 digit pin code system, although the old places were not covered under those the 6 digit pin code, still those places widely used to refer the location of properties for rent and sale. The pin code of Singapore is segregated in such a way that first 2 digit of Singapore’s pin code indicates the Sector, and the final 4 digit of the Singapore’s pin code indicates the delivery destination of the Mails.

Land Area

Singapore has been ranked as the 176th largest nation in the world according to the land area, and it has the total land area of 716km2 which comes around a total of 276mi2, and Singapore’s bordered nations are Chinese (majority), Malay, Indian and Eurasian.

Water Area

Singapore has the total water area of 10km2 which comes around a total of 3.9mi2, the major source of water in the Singapore is GROUND WATER and majority of the people in Singapore drinks the Tap water, and 17% of the water is imported from the foreign nation, that is very distilled water.


There are a total of 11 named hills in the nation Singapore, and the highest elevated mountains

Postal Stamps

postal stampspostal stampspostal stampspostal stamps

List of postal and courier services in Singapore:

  • AJ couriers
  • A. Xpress
  • Courier Pigeon
  • OTM express service
  • S.A.M. express
  • DHL Express Pvt.Ltd
  • FAS Service
  • Venz express

Singapore State Postal Code details

Singapore Postal Code Address Format
Postcode type and position 6 digits to the right of the locality

Ms. Tan Bee Soo
16 Sandilands Road
13–37 Mandalay
Coding method XX -- (First two digit) ---> indicates the sector in the nation
XXXX-- (last four digit) ---> indicates the delivery area.
Address format Each administrative division maintains its own postal code for mail delivery purposes. Having the correct code is essential to your mails delivery. Singapore uses 6 digit pin code system in which first 2 digits and last 4 digits has different indications which is shown below;
Examples Ms. Tan Bee Soo(addresse)
16 Sandilands Road (area /street /village)
13–37 Mandalay (Towers floor – apartment number + building name)
SINGAPORE 546080(postal code)
SINGAPORE (country)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) s

  • What is the official name of the postal service in Singapore?
    The official postal name of Singapore is Singapore Post Limited.
  • How many postal codes does Singapore have?
    There are more than 1,87,402 postal codes in Singapore.
  • Give the alpha two-letter country code of Singapore.
    The two-letter country code of Singapore is SG.
  • What is the postal code for the capital of Singapore?
    The capital city of Singapore is the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and its postal code starts from 50088 to 55300.
  • How many digits are found in the Singapore postal code?
    There are six digits found in the Singapore postal code.
  • Do all villages in Singapore have postal codes?
    Almost all the cities and towns in Singapore have postal codes.