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Monaco Zip Code

Monacois a small state located in middle of France, which is an officially Principality of Monaco, French Principauté de Monaco, sovereign principality that is located along the “Mediterranean Sea” in the midst of the resort area of the Côte d’Azur which lies on the French Riviera. Monaco is also a member state of United Nations. Monaco is widely recognized as one of the most expensive and wealthiest places in the world. The official language of the principality is French, but some prefer to speak English, Italian, etc.

The postal service is managed by France. For further information, please refer to the section about France. Monaco le postal operates 7 post offices at different places within the state of Monaco, including Monte Carlo, La Condamine, Fontvieille, Monaco City (Monaco-Ville), Place des Moulins, Herculis, and Grimaldi Forum. Post offices in Monaco sells postal products which are typical, such as postage stamps and flat rate envelopes which can be used to send up to 1kg (2.2 lbs), and envelopes with postage pre-applied. Post offices in Monaco also offer post box services as well as offering telecommunication services through pre-paid mobile phone SIM cards.

The postal code in the Monaco is segregated in two of the ways which are shown below;

  • Postcode ending in 90 –> delivery to addressee's address;
  • Postcode ending in 01 to 99 –> special type of delivery.

For example 98000. The first three digits which is 980 represents Monaco,the last two digits which are 00 represents the delivery service.

Land area

Monaco is a microstate which is considered to be as a smallest country with coastline, and Monaco has a total land area of only 2.02km2 which comes around a total of 0.78mi2. Monaco is officially ranked as the 194th in the world ranking according the land area which is segregated to them.

Water area

Monaco doesn’t have any water percentage level which is because the nation is dependent and lies between the France, as the nation water supply comes from seven different pure, crystal clear sources, i.e. Ingram, Testimonio, Marie, Vaulabelle, Puitsnord, Alice, and Font Divine. These sources provide 30-50% of Monaco's annual consumption. Above that the nation is surrounded from one sided Mediterraneansea.

Mountain Area

Monaco nation doesn’t have any mountains within the country but there is one mountain which lies between the border of Monaco and France which elevates up to 1,148meters which comes around a total of 3,766feet above the sea level. The highest point of Monaco, lying on a pathway named Chemin des Révoires, is on it’s slopes which is at an altitude of 161meters that comes around a total of 528feet.

Postal Stamps

postal stampspostal stampspostal stampspostal stamps

List of postal and courier services in Monaco:-

  • Express delivery co LTD
  • DHL express
  • Delta Courier service LTD
  • World express service courier Co LTD
  • Uniex Couriers and Cargo
Monaco Zipcode
Postcode type and position Postal Codes in Monaco consist of 5 digits to the left of the localityname

M. René Martin
98000 MONACO
Coding method XXX -- (First three digit) ---> Zone of Monaco
XX -- (last two digit) ---> delivery destination in the Monaco.
Address format Each administrative division maintains its own postal code for mail delivery purposes. Having the correct code is essential to your mails delivery. Monaco uses the 5 digit pin code system in which first 3 digit which is fixed as 980 and last 2 digits that is from 01 to 99 have been separated with different indications which has been shown below
Examples M. René Martin addressee
1 AVENUE DE L HERMITAGE (area /street /village)
98000 MONACO postcode
MONACO Country

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) s

  • How many digits are found in the Monaco postal code?
    There are five digits found in the Monaco postal code.
  • What is the official name of the postal service in Monaco?
    The official postal name of Monaco is La Poste Monaco.
  • How many postal codes does Monaco have?
    Monaco has only one postal code.
  • What is the postal code for the capital of Monaco?
    The capital city of Monaco is Monaco and its postal code is 98000.
  • Do all villages in Monaco have postal codes?
    Only important towns and villages in Monaco have postal codes.
  • Give the alpha three-letter country code of Monaco.
    The three-letter country code of Monaco is MCO.