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USA Zip Code

USA is a country which is located in the North America and it is covered by mountains in the west, a broad central plain, and low mountains in the east. USA is famous for its global culture like famous movies, television shows, and music, and Hollywood is one of their huge success in terms of movies and U.S. share market in [wall street] is the most successful share market in the world, and it is ranked as no.1. stock market around the whole globe.

Land area

USA covers the total land of 9.834 million km², and it has been ranked 4th among other countries in the world in terms of land area. USA covers the total of 6% of land area around the globe which is quite huge and USA is bordered by Canada to north, Alaska to the east, Mexico to the south, Russia–United States maritime [covered by sea border] boundary was defined by a disputed agreement which covers the Bering Sea, Bering Strait, and Arctic Ocean.

Water area

USA contains the total water of 4%, which is good comparing to other nations in the world, and the main source of water for USA is from surface water which is approximately 70% and the rest of 30% water is from underground water. Mainly USA is in between of north pacific ocean and north Atlantic ocean, some of the residents use the water even from gulf of Mexico. USA is one of the countries which has clean drinking water even the people use tap water for consumption.


There are a total of 73,301 named mountains in USA, and the highest among them is Denali which elevates up to 6190.5 meters. The smallest mountain in USA is Sutter Buttes which ranges from 647 meters. Denali mountain is the most famous tourist spot in Alaska as it is the main and biggest mountain in the country all people loves to visit there.


PIN = Postal Index Number

How to find a pin code?

Each administrative division maintains its own postal code for mail delivery purposes. Having the correct code is essential to your mails delivery.

USA uses the 5 digit pin code system in which each 3 and 2 digit has different indications which is shown below

  • The first 3 digits indicates the delivery zone
  • The last 2 digits indicates the delivery section.

Postal stamps

above shown picture is some of the postage stamps which are currently being used in USA and the prices of these stamps are listed in the picture above.

Postal and courier service companies in USA

  • A1 international
  • APC Postal Logistics
  • Brokers worldwide
  • Direct link USA
  • Fedex logistics
  • Echo global logistics
  • International Bridge
  • i-parcel
  • Home direct USA
  • Polar air cargo
  • YRC Freight

USA Postcode
Postcode type and position 5 digits to the right of the locality name, separated from the latter by a dash.

Address: 150 F MAIN AVE STREET, 4th floor
New York, NY 10118-3299
Coding method XXXXX

XXX -- (First 3 digit) ---> delivery zone or processing and delivery centre
XX -- (Last two digit) ---> post officer or delivery section
Address format The first three digits represent the delivery zone or processing and delivery centre,the following two digits represent the post office or delivery section
Examples Mr.XXX addressee
103, Mittery Margs sub-office (area /street /village)
New York city (delivery post office)
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – XXXXX locality - postcode

About USA
Capital: Washington, DC
Country name in local language: United States
Region: North America
International phone code: +1

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) s

  • What is the official name of the postal service in the USA?
    The official postal name of the USA is the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  • How many postal codes does the USA have?
    There are more than 41,683 postal codes in the USA.
  • What is the postal code for the capital of the USA?
    The capital city of the USA is Washington, D.C. and the postal service starts in 20001 and ends in 20507.
  • How many digits are found in the USA postal code?
    There are five digits found in the USA postal code.
  • Do all villages in the USA have postal codes?
    All important towns and villages in the USA have postal codes.
  • Give the alpha three-letter country code of the USA.
    The three-letter country code of the USA is the USA.