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Lithunia postal Code

Lithuania officially known as the Republic of Lithuania is a country located in the Baltic region of Europe. It is one of the three Baltic States on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. It is bordered by Latvia on the north, Belarus on the east and south, Poland on the south, and Russia on the southwest. Vilnius is the capital and largest city of Lithuania. The other major cities in Lithuania are Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Panevezys, Alytus, Marijampole, Mazeikiai, Jonava, Utena, Kedainiai, Taurage, Telsiai, Ukmerge, etc.

The official language of the country in Lithuania is Lithuanian. The other recognized official languages are in Lithuania, etc. Lithuania is well known for its unique way of celebrating its festivals like Bliuzo Naktys, Supynes, Go to Vilnius Festival, International film festival, Klaipeda Sea Festival, Palanga smelt festival, Galapagai Rock Music Festival, Trakai Middle age festival, Saint John Feast, Mama Jazz festival in Vilnius, Celebrated Independence Day, etc. Many foreigners or travelers also take part in the celebration and enjoy it.

The official name of the postal service in Lithuania is Lietuvos paštas. The postal service in Lithuania was introduced in 1583 and the name The Lietuvos paštas was adopted on 16 November 1918. Lithuania consists of 10 counties and it was subdivided into 60 municipalities (including 9 city municipalities, 43 district municipalities, and 8 municipalities). It was further divided into 500 elderships which consist of a few villages and towns. At first, there was so much controversy over the places which were registered under the postal code office, but then slowly every region in Lithuania got its postal codes. The pin code is segregated in such a way that each of the postal codes is.

Land Area

Lithuania is ranked 121st in the world and has a total land area of 65,300 km2, which comes to around a total of 25,200 mi2. The entire land of Lithuania consists of 10 counties. The names of the counties are Telsiai, Siauliai, Panevezys, Klaipeda, Taurage, Utena, Kaunas, Marijampole, Vilnius, and Alytus. It was further subdivided into 500 elderships including cities, municipalities, towns, and villages.

Water Area

Lithuania has a total water area of 1.98 %. The major sources of water include groundwater, lakes, rainwater, rivers, snow, soil moisture springs, streams, water, waterfall, wetlands, etc. Lithuania has 2,833 lakes and 1,600 ponds. Some water bodies have developed as tourist spots. Many water bodies are small in area and contain a minimum volume of water. Most of these water bodies are fresh water and very few are salt lakes.


Lithuania contains more than 160 named mountains. The highest peak is Aukstojas which is about 303 meters (961 feet) and the most prominent mountain is Medvegalis which is about 234 meters (768 feet). The other major mountains in Lithuania are Kruopyne Hill, Juozapine Hill, Nevaisiy Kalnas, Pavistycio Kalnas, Dunojaus Kalnas, Janaukos Kalva, Budakalnis, Kalnas Staugunas, Aukstakalnis, Gedanoniy Kalnas, Pratkuny Kalnas, Aukstojas, Nuobariskiy Kalnas, Vecekrugo Kalnas, etc.

Postal Stamps

postal stampspostal stampspostal stampspostal stamps

List of postal and courier services in Lithuania:

  • Cargobus Vilnius terminal
  • UPS Skubios Siuntos
  • FedEx Station - TNT
  • Mobilusis Laiškininkas
  • TNT Express
  • DHL Service Point Locker
  • DPD

Lithunia PostalCode
Postcode type and position 5 digits to the left of the locality name and preceded by “LT-"

Gerb p. Jonui Jonaičiui
Laisvės pr. 40–12
LT–04340 Vilnius
Coding method XX-- (First two digit) ---> indicate the routing district.
XXX-- (Last three digit) ---> indicates the post office or delivery office.
Address format Each administrative division maintains its postal code for mail delivery purposes. Having the correct code is essential to your mail delivery. The official name of the Lithuania postal service is Lietuvos paštas. The postal service in Lithuania was introduced in the year 1583 and the name The Lietuvos paštas was adopted on 16 November 1918. There are 10 postal regions in Lithuania where new postal codes have been introduced. Lithuania has more than 16,718 postal codes.
Lithuania uses a five-digit numeric postal code system in which the first two digits and the last three digits have different indicates which are shown below;
Examples Gerb p. Jonui Jonaičiui(Addressee)
Laisvės pr. 40–12(Street + Premises)
LT–04340 Vilnius( postalcode , locality)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) s

  • How many digits are found in the Lithuania postal code?
    There are five digits found in the Lithuania postal code.
  • What is the postal code of the capital city of Lithuania?
    Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania and its postal code starts at 01001 and ends at 14191.
  • Name the official postal service in Lithuania.
    The official postal service in Lithuania is Lietuvos paštas.
  • How many postal codes are in Lithuania?
    Lithuania has more than 16,718 postal codes.
  • Give the alpha three-letter country code of Lithuania.
    The alpha three-letter country code of Lithuania is LTU.