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Kazakhstan postal Code

Kazakhstan is an Asian nation which is situated in between Central Asia and partially in Europe. It is the largest landlocked nation and the world largest Muslim majority country with lower population. Kazakhstan is well known for its most unique way of celebrating their festivals. It is well known for holding Kazakhstan Nations Unity Holiday, Ramadan, Kurban, Khan Tengri Mountain Festival, Kazakhstan Golf Open festival, Constitution Day, Victory Day, Capital City Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Nauruz, Biker celebration ‘Protect Balkhash’ are the most important and famous festivals.

Kazakhstan introduced their pin code system in 2015. In December 1991, the Kazakhstan gained independence and started its own post. During the period of 1999-2000, it was difficult for Kazakh Post when it transitioned to joint-stock companies. Immediately, the transformation covered all the activities of the postal industry. Currently Kazpost JSC is the sole shareholder (100% share) of the company Kazpost LLC (Germany). The pin code is segregated in such a way that each of the postal codes.

Land Area

Kazakhstan has been ranked as the 9th largest nation in the world, and it has a total land area of 27,24,900 km2, which comes to around a total of 10,52,100 mi2. Kazakhstan is bordered by Russia to the north and west, China to the east, Uzbekistan to the South and Turkmenistan to south-west.

Water Area

Kazakhstan has a total water area of 1.7 km2. The major sources of water include cloud harvesting, glacier, glacial lakes, groundwater, lakes, rainwater, rivers, snow, soil moisture springs, streams, water, waterfall, wetlands, etc. The important lakes are Caspian Sea, Aike, Alakol, Aral, Azhibeksor, Balkhash, Bartogay, Bolshoy Azhbulat, Chagan, Issyk, Jasybay, Kayindi, Kamyslybas, Kapchagay, Kopa, Markakol, Sasykkol, Tengiz, Zaysan, Zerenda, Zhasylkol,are main water source for drinking and industrial water.


A total of 4,806 named mountains in the nation of Kazakhstan. Khan Tengri is considered as the highest peak with 6,995 meter above sea level. Belukha is the most important mountain with 4,506 meter height. Almost one third of Kazakhstan territory is occupied by the Kazakh Steppe (Plain), which is considered as the largest dry steppe region in the world.

Postal Stamps

postal stampspostal stampspostal stampspostal stamps

List of postal and courier services in Kazakhstan:

  • Expert Logistic Kazakhstan
  • ASE Asia Sky Express Kazakhstan
  • Too ‘Alem Tat’
  • DHL Service Point
  • Emex LLP
  • Exline Courier Service
  • Avis Logistics
  • Direct Delivery
  • Too Eurasian Bridge Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan PostalCode
Postcode type and position 7 Digit Below The Country Name

Ahmetov Serik Kairatovitch
Ulica Mira, dom 14, kvartira 6
Kaskelen, Karasai raion
ALMATY oblast
Coding method X -- (First Digit) ---> indicates the administrative unit.
XX-- (Second Two Digit) ---> indicate the city or borough.
XXXX-- (Last Four Digit) ---> indicate the combination of letters and numbers that identify the house and street.
Address format Each administrative division maintains its own postal code for mail delivery purposes. Having the correct code is essential to your mail delivery. Kazakhstan uses a 7 digits pin code system with a combination of Alphabetic and Numeric in which it was divided into three parts. The first digit, second two digit and the last four digits has different indications which is shown below;
Examples Ahmetov Serik Kairatovitch(addresse)
Ulica Mira, dom 14, kvartira 6 (area /street /village)
Kaskelen, Karasai raion (locality name + district name)
ALMATY oblast (province name)
KAZAKHSTAN (country)
040900(postal code)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) s

  • How many digits are found in Kazakhstan’s postal code?
    There are six digits found in Kazakhstan's postal code.
  • What is the postal code for the capital of Kazakhstan?
    The capital city of Kazakhstan is Astana. Its postal code starts from 010000 and ends at 020000.
  • How many postal codes does Kazakhstan have?
    There are more than 4,179 postal codes in Kazakhstan.
  • What is the official name of the postal service in Kazakhstan?
    The official postal name of Kazakhstan is KazPost.
  • Give the alpha three-letter country code of Kazakhstan?
    The three-letter country code of Kazakhstan is KAZ.