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Portugal Zip Code

Portugal is one of the nations which is situated in the European continent in which in southern side of Europe. Portugal is famous for its typical seafood dishes, popular beach destinations, and 16th to 19th century architecture, from when this country was a powerful empire which is connected to the sea area. It's also known for its soccer legends such as “Christiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Nicholas Pepe, etc. and it’s fado music, historical cities, and port wine.

Portuguese zip code is called as Codigo Postal. Currently, there are a total of 903 post offices in Portugal and with various subsidiaries, which includes the following services like. CTT Correios (postal national and international service), CTT Expresso (Express national and international service), Mailtec (Information Services), PostContacto (service letters and no postal address), Campos Envelopagem (marketing for large companies ) PayShop (Internet payment service), telephone-IX (mobile operators), Postal (financial services) and Tourline Express (courier services in Spain).

Portugal nations Zip code consist of eight characters in which the first four numbers followed by a hyphen and three extra digits. Portuguese zip code. In the year 2014, the CAP was four digits only. This year, three more figures were introduced to delimit blocks of neighborhood roads and small towns, which all share a distribution center in Portugal.

Land area

Portugal is ranked as 109th nation in the worldwide ranking of nations according to their land area wise, and Portugal has a total land area of 92,226km2, which comes around a total of 35,609mi2. Portugal is bordered to the west and south by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north and east by Spain, andwhose territory also includes the Atlantic archipelagos (group of islands which are totally filled with lakes and rivers) of the Azores and Madeira.

Water area

Portugal has a total water area of 1,107km2, which comes around a total of 427mi2, and Portugal has the total water percentage of 1.2% of total water area in the world, as Portugal consumes 55% of its water from groundwater system for public water supply due to its generally higher quality than surface water. In addition, in some locations it provides a more reliable supply than surface water in the summer months.

Mountain Area

There are a total of 25 named mountains in the nation of Portugal, in which the highest elevated mountain in the Portugal nation is mount Pico in the Azores islands, with 2,351metres which comes around a total of 7,713 ft, and the Rochão is the smallest elevated mountain range in the Portugal nation which elevates up to 1,401metreswhich comes around a total of 4,596 ft.

Postal Stamps

postal stampspostal stampspostal stampspostal stamps

List of postal and courier services in Portugal:

  • TNT Express Worldwide LTD.
  • Falcao Expresso
  • VIA Rapida
  • Running Boys
  • Rangel Expresso, S.A.
  • Rangel Transitarios, S.A.

Portugal Zipcode
Postcode type and position 7 digits to the left of the locality name, a dash between the 4th and 5th digits.

Dr. Nuno Figueiredo
R. Leal da Camara 31 RL ESQ
2725–079 MEM MARTINS
Coding method X -- (First four digit) ---> indicates the state or territory.
XXXX-- (Last four digit) ---> streets, districts, and small localities.
Address format Each administrative division maintains its own postal code for mail delivery purposes. Having the correct code is essential to your mails delivery. Portugal uses the 7 digit pin code system in which it has been segregated in 2 ways that is 1stfour digit has different indication and the last 3 digits has different indication, which has been shown below
Examples Mr XXXX (addressee)
R. LEAL DA CAMARA 31 RL ESQ (street + premises, floor, side)
ALGUEIRÃO (sub-locality)
2725–079 MEM MARTINS (postcode + locality)
PORTUGAL (country )

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) s

  • What is the postal code for the capital of Portugal?
    The capital city of Portugal is Lisbon, its postal code starts from 1000 to 1028.
  • How many digits are found in the Portugal postal code?
    There are four digits found in the Portugal postal code.
  • What is the official name of the postal service in Portugal?
    The official postal name of Portugal is Portugal CTT (Correios de Portugal).
  • How many postal codes does Portugal have?
    There are more than 764 postal codes in Portugal.
  • Give the alpha three-letter country code of Portugal.
    The three-letter country code of Portugal is PRT.
  • Do all villages in Portugal have postal codes?
    Almost all important towns and villages in Portugal have postal codes.