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The Postal Index Number consists of six numerical digits which indicate zone, sub-zone, district and a particular post office in the locality. It helps the Postal Department to distribute the mail

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Postal Code is the number code used by the British to segregate the mail. Colonies ruled by the British followed the same pattern in distribution of mail

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Zonal Improvement Plan Code is a postal index code introduced by the United States in 1963. It consists of five or nine digits to facilitate the delivery of mail

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PIN Code is used in the British and its colonies. ZIP Code is used in the United States and a few other countries.

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PIN Code consists of six numeric digits which was introduced in India in 1972. ZIP Code consists of five numeric digits. In 1983, the United States Postal Service expanded the ZIP Code by adding four more digits. They called it as ZIP+4


A Pin code contains only numerals. Zipcode may contain only numbers or maybe a combination of numbers and alphabets.

Differences Between PinCode and Zipcode

Digits in PIN Code indicate the zone, sub-zone, district and a specific post office. Digits in ZIP Code indicate a geographic segment, the zone, postal zone, a group of apartments, an individual main receiver or post office box.

Frequently Asked Questions

postal index number or pin number is a number which are provided and invented by the postal officers and these numbers may vary in each area, as about the countries each countries may differ from number of numerical which were being used in those nations for example; in India there are total of 6 digit numerical pin code system, and in USA they use 5 digit numerical pin code system, likewise each country uses different numbers of numerical for their pin code. some countries in western side may tend to use the alphanumerical pin code system and these alphanumerical pin code system contains 2 digits of alphabets and 3 or more digits of numerical for their country's pin code.

unallocated zip codes are those numbers which were not officially approved by the officers for which a place needs zip codes and these unallocated zip codes are not included in the POA classification and when number of SA1 can be allocated to a zip code or a list of zip codes may not be included in the POA classification which is provided at the time of survey.

Data which has been collected in the year 2011 that is census taken in the year 2011 of population housing and land mass area will be available in the POA classification.

pin codes are formed because of one main purpose that is to easily navigate and deliver the necessary message or the package which was sent. pin codes are formed by segregating the country by zone, area, city, district and destination place. this is how the pin codes of each countries formed.

To receive further more information about the pin code details, you can visit the official government website of the specific country and the detailed information of that country's pin code will be listed there.